Hi…I’m Bill and I work with clients with the same burning question: “How do I make my business better?”

Ok, that may not be the exact question on your mind. But if you’re like the other smart entrepreneurs and business owners who landed here after searching their question, you want to grow your business, deliver what your customers want and have a productive team.

And in the end, you want to maximize the return you receive for the risks you take in being the owner.

Working with Advance Business Group is a winning proposition!

Since 2006, I’ve helped business owners like you achieve greater success by creating a clearer vision for their company, identifying and implementing actionable priorities and empowering employee accountability.

Leveraging my successful experience and expertise across several industries, I also utilize a  team of independent specialists that can bring you the right mix of resources and comprehensive advice to help you solve problems, grow your business and achieve your objectives,

Over 35 years of in-depth experience:

  • Industry expertise in Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction, Health Care and Education
  • From Fortune 50 companies to medium sized firms in transition, to small start-ups, we’ve been successful at helping our clients achieve their objectives
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification that ensures a systematic approach to growth
  • Experienced business leader, teacher, mentor, facilitator, consultant, and coach
  • MBA, Business and Accounting
  • Securities and insurance licenses (previously held)

I’ve been there. That’s why Advance Business Group is right for you.

If you’re like most business owners, every time the phone rings or an employee stops in to ask you a question, your day is interrupted. And whatever priorities you had on your “to-do” list have just been revised. Throughout my career, one thing I’ve come to know for sure is that without a disciplined focus on priorities and a well-trained, empowered staff to handle the day-to-day headaches, interruptions will continue to distract you from what’s important and dilute your own vision for success. Pretty soon your business is running you instead of the other way around.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

― Walt Disney

Like Walt Disney, you started with your dream. But along the way you lost focus. That’s where Advance Business Group shines.  We’ve been through the tough times, the tumultuous economies and the challenging business cycles. We’ll bring our proven experience and expertise to help you realize your dream once again. 

It’s never too late to revise your Plan, realign your vision and rediscover your priorities. But a business plan is just that; a Plan. And without disciplined guidance from a successful leader, the Plan will be nothing more than well-intentioned words on paper.

Take a minute now to contact us for a complimentary review of your situation and allow us to help you identify your keys to success and help you implement them the way you always had intended to make your dream a reality.

Get started now.


Phone Number: 612-281-8869
Email: bill@advancebusinessgroup.com

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